A philosophy of life and longevity, ‘Ayurveda’ is a practice, a lifestyle, a therapy and a spiritual direction, just about 5000 years old. It is the basic binding philosophy of many indigenous health practices in diverse communities in the Indian sub-continent.

It believes that the proper balance of various life-making elements of the body is the most important part of being healthy.

In the age of pharmaceutical supplements for every problem, we have lost connection with our own body, we fail to know about it through instincts. 

At Veda Ayurvedics, we strive to renew your ties with nature; as we believe that 'You' are nature. We work to bring harmony to you in a way possible through ancient knowledge of plants and herbs.


In the last 15 years, we at Veda have expanded our distribution network, with the growing demand for high quality ayurvedic medicine. Today, The Veda Collective is working together to bring their customers closer to nature through their products and embracing the mantra

‘Nature is within’.



Shaped by centuries old tradition of art, literature, legends and science, we are proud to birth our curations in a land where the living history of ayurveda continues in every form.

Renowned as "God’s own country" with lush herbal plantations, tropical forests and rich backwaters, modern health thrives with distinct traditional knowledge here. 



At Veda, we have revived age old remedies and ancient secrets of healing from Kerala, where the science of long life breathes in everyday routines.  

People from all over the world increasingly flock to Kerala every year to experience the rejuvenating power of incomparable ayurvedic therapies; an experience warmly re-packaged in each of our products.

Our classic formulations adhere to the ancient texts documented by hereditary healers, keeping their sanctity particularly intact for modern day applications.



Our natural offerings are handmade in India with love, in small batches using simple long standing techniques to ensure the pure natural efficacy of ingredients.

With complete dedication to our environment, our ingredients are locally grown and sourced from our homeland, keeping the concentrated intelligence, high bio-availability and full potency of the herbs intact. 

Our commitment to the quality and efficacy of the single herbs is well-established and acknowledged by the ayurvedic fraternity across India.



We never compromise on the quality of products we make, and testing as per international standards are done time-to-time.

Centuries-old ayurvedic recipes come to life with modern manufacturing techniques, supervised thoroughly by ayurvedic doctors and specialists. 
Thirty years of trust and faith have formed our foundational guiding truths we pledge by. 

Naturalness, purity and a premium quality continue to be as vital to us as our immense passion for holistic wellness.


At Veda Ayurvedics, we like to evoke the right and required elements of nature in human bodies, to heal and cure with our ayurvedic formulations.

We strive to renew your ties with nature; as we believe that "You" are nature. We work to bring harmony to you in a way possible through ancient knowledge of plants and herbs.

In our experience of more than 30 years, we have travelled the world with our herbs, and have improved lives through our vision. Our commitment to quality has remained unchanged.


Veda Ayurvedics is located at Badiroor in Kakkodi Panchayat, Calicut District in North Kerala. The location is just 15 kms away from Calicut city. 

Situated on plush soil spreading across 6 acres, blessed with natural greenery, the Veda Factory successfully operates amidst lush nature.